Participating Institutes

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  • Aichi Cancer Center
  • Aichi Institute of Techonology
  • Chiba University
  • Chukyo University
  • Fujita Health University
  • Gifu University
  • Gifu University of Medical Science
  • Hiroshima City University
  • International University of Health and Welfare
  • Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute
  • Kumamoto University
  • Kyushu Institute of Technology
  • Kyushu University
  • Nagoya Institute of Technology
  • Nagoya University
  • National Cancer Center
  • National Hospital Organization Nagoya Medical Center
  • Osaka University
  • Shiga University of Medical Science
  • The Jikei University School of Medicine
  • The University of Electro-Communications
  • The University of Tokushima
  • The University of Tokyo
  • Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
  • Toyota National College of Technology
  • University of Fukui
  • University of Tsukuba
  • Waseda University
  • Yamaguchi University
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