A03-KB101 Development of General Biophysical Model for Realization of Ultrasonic Qualitative Real-time Pathological Diagnosis

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  • Primary Investigator
    Tadashi Yamaguchi(Chiba University, Canter for Frontier Medical Engineering, Professor)
  • Co-Investigator
    Kenji Yoshida(Chiba University, Canter for Frontier Medical Engineering, Assistant Professor)
    Hideki Hayashi(Chiba University, Canter for Frontier Medical Engineering, Professor)
    Hitoshi Maruyama(Chiba University, Department of Medicine and Clinical Oncology, Graduate School of Medicine, Lecture)


In this research, various kinds of "physical characteristics of living tissue" data acquired using the technology developed by applicants and "pathological knowledge" are connected via a computer model. As a result, the integrated biophysical models are created and applied to "noninvasive pathological diagnosis" in clinical application. In this subject, we construct "three-dimensional multilayered bioacoustic characteristic models" mainly by linking "micro-characteristics at cell organelle level" and "macroscopic characteristics at multiple liver lobule units" on a multi-scale with respect to the liver. In addition, by linking with multiple researchers in the projects in A01, A02, and A03, we also link with the mechanical property and other property evaluation results in other modalities, and establish "standard biophysical model".

Project Design