A02-KB110 Development of Multiple Skeletal Muscle Recognition Technique in the Thoracoabdominal Region for Respiratory Muscle Function Analysis

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  • Primary Investigator
    Naoki Kamiya(Aichi Prefectural University, Lecturer)
  • Co-Investigator
    Susumu Sato(Kyoto University, Assistant Professor)


In this study, we focus on respiratory muscle as respiratory function analysis. Our goal is to develop a complex recognition technique of the skeletal muscle in the thoracoabdominal region for respiratory function analysis using skeletal muscle. Here, we aim to develop complex recognition and analysis technology of thoracoabdominal respiratory muscle by improving automatic recognition method of deep muscle and superficial muscle region which we already established. Specifically, we construct direction and shape models of the respiratory muscle based on muscle fibers, and realize automatic site-specific recognition of respiratory muscle. This makes it possible to clarify the information of respiratory muscle of each part and the relationship between skeletal muscles necessary for elucidating the relationship between respiratory function and skeletal muscle. Then, we generate a respiratory muscle mathematical model applicable to 3 axes (space, function, time).

Project Design