A01-KB109 The Analysis on Three-Dimensional Morphologies of Hepatic Microstructures in Hepatic Diseases

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  • Primary Investigator
    Hiroto Shoji (Department of Mathematical Sciences, School of Science and Technology, Kwansei Gakuin University, Associate Professor)


Microstructures in the liver are primarily composed of hepatocyte, hepatic blood, and biliary vessels. Because each hepatocyte comes in contact with hepatic blood, and biliary vessels, these vessels and the hepatocyte cord form 3D periodic network patterns. In our study, we aim to elucidate the morphogenesis of 3D microstructures in liver using imaging data of diseased rat liver. Based on the confocal image of hepatocyte and blood vessels in diseased liver and the quantitative data of blood flow, we aim to perform an allometric analysis of 3D morphological changes in liver. We also discuss the physical effect to morphogenesis by using the fractal index of patterns of the blood vessel. Furthermore, this analysis could improve methods of image analysis including local noise.

Project Design