A01-KB107 Development of Measurement Technique for 3D Deformation Field of Multiphase Structure Aiming at the Elucidation of Tumor Invasive Mechanism

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  • Primary Investigator
    Yasuyuki Morita (Kumamoto University, Faculty of Advanced science and Technology, Professor)


Elucidating mechanism of tumor metastasis is incomplete without understanding the dynamic invasive field for tumors. The dynamic invasive field consists of three general phases, i.e., extracellular matrix (ECM), cytoplasm including cytoskeleton, and nucleus. It is required to measure coverall dynamics field including the three phases since they have mutual interference between one another. It hasn’t been done yet from such kinds of perspectives. In this study, we aim to develop new measurement technique for the 3D dynamic field consists of multiphase structure with different mechanical properties, in particular, the dynamic invasive field for tumors taking into account the three phases, ECM/cytoplasm/nucleus.

Project Design