A01-KB101 Multi-modal and Multi-scale Image Registration for Property Analysis of Brain Tumor

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  • Primary Investigator
    Takashi Ohnishi (Chiba University, Assistant Professor)

  • Co-Researcher
    Hideaki Haneishi (Chiba University, Professor)
    Tadashi Yamaguchi (Chiba University, Professor)
    Kenji Yoshida (Chiba University, Assistant Professor)
    Yasuo Iwadate (Chiba University, Professor)


The stiffness of the tissue is one of effective medical information in surgery for parenchymal organ tumor. Using brain tumor as a model, we aim to reveal the relationship between structure and stiffness of the tumor by pathological images and ultrasound measurement. In this study, we will construct elemental technologies to compare and analyze the tissue structure and stiffness at the same area, which is mainly based on an image registration method between pathological and ultrasound images. In particular, the image registration method considering the difference of imaging modality and spatial resolution will be developed.

Project Design